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Welcome to New Hope United Methodist Church!





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Building  loving relationships with God and others

through the hope that is in Jesus Christ!

Sunday, August 20

We continue the sermon series in the Book of Acts

Church on the Move

This Sunday: "Away With Him" Acts 21:17-36

Traditional Worship at 9:45

Contemporary Worship at 11

Sunday Night, August 27 at 6pm in the sanctuary.

Presentation by Property Development and Building Committee

Jim Davis from Davis Design will present ideas for building expansion--Everyone is invited to participate!!


Wednesday Night Activities Resume August 30!

Dinner at 5:45--Class at 6:30

The Intercessory Life August 30-October 4

 Learn to live a life of intercession for others!

Led by Pastor Cali Eck

Freed up for Financial Living" 

October 4-November 15

A 6 week study for anyone seeking to find ways to meet their life goals financially.  There is a registration form and pre work for this class so Click Hereto register.  This class will be led by Teresa Coffman. 

Be sure to take the Discipleship survey to determine what class will help you on your faith journey!

 Click Here

Sunday Night Discipleship Classes

Sign Up Now!!

Beginning September 10

Play  the Man: 4-Week Men's Bible Study led by Gary Graham

The Gospel of Mark: 6 Week Women's Study led by Amy Aita

A Disciple's Path--7 Week Study led by Pastor JD Ward

Beginning Tuesday, September 12

The Gospel of Mark led by Cali Eck 9:30am

Coming Events

August 16--Youth Water Fun Night 6:30pm--8:30pm

Blessing of the Backpacks!

Choir Practice Resumes at 6:30

August 20--Disrict Color Fest at Good Shepherd UMC

August 22--Trustees Meeting

August 27--Town Hall Meeting at 6:0pm

August 30--Return of Wonderful Wednesday!!

Meal at 5:45; The Intercessory Life at 6:30

August 31--VIM Group leaves for Sunflower Mississippi!

September 4--Labor Day--Church Office Closed

September 9--Children Work at Regional Food Bank

September 10--Sunday Night Classes Begin!

Poltuck Sunday!

September 12--The Gospel of Mark Begins with Cali Eck, Tuesdays at 9:30am



Family Devotion idea

The Nose Knows

Our conscience helps us know right from wrong.  Hide food items under a cloth (onion, banana, lemon, chocolate, etc.) and ask for a volunteer for an experiment.  Blindfold the volunteer, then take one of the food items out, hold it under the nose, and ask them to identify the food. Take turns blindfolding family members and guessing items by their scent.  When everyone has had a turn, discuss: What are the five senses? Which one did we just use? What are ways each of our senses help us in life? What happens when one of our senses is damaged and we're unable to use it? 

Share:  God gave us our five senses to help us enjoy life and help us avoid dangers.  God also gave us another sort of sense to help us enjoy life and avoid dangers.  It's called our conscience.  Do you know what a conscience is? After family members have given their answers, explain:  Our conscience is a part of our mind or soul that reminds us of what is right and what is wrong.  Just like your sight tells you to duck when a baseball is coming toward your head, your conscience tells you that throwing a baseball at your brother's head is wrong! Even people who don't believe in God have a conscience. 

Read Romans 2:14-15 together, then share:  This verse tells us that even those who don't know God know in their hearts what is right and wrong.  However, people who don't know God don't know what to do with the feelings of guilt they have when they go ahead and do something wrong. 

Close in prayer, thanking God for giving us a conscience and helping us to use it to live for Him, making good choices.


Contact Us  
New Hope United Methodist Church
11600 N. Council Rd.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73162
Phone 405-721-5015
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Regular Schedule  
  • Traditional Worship/Classes
    – 9:45 AM
  • Contemporary Worship/Classes
    – 11:00 AM
  • Praise Team Practice
    – 6:00 PM
  • Children in Action
    – 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM
  • New Hope Youth
    – 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM
  • Choir Practice
    – 6:30 PM
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Discipleship Survey

Click Here for Discipleship Survey information.

New Hope WiFi

WiFi is now available at our church.  The password for NHUMC guest network is JESUSCHRIST.

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